Which platforms are supplying Brazil’s demand for LGBTQI+ content?

29 June, 2021

LGBTQI+ content is highly demanded in Brazil. In the first quarter of 2021, LGBTQI+ series were the fourth most undersaturated type of content with demand far outpacing supply.

As Pride Month wraps up, we take a look at which platform’s original series and overall catalogs are best supplying the Brazilian audience demand for this type of content.

  • Netflix has invested heavily in this type of content and has a clear lead in supply. Netflix’s Supply Index of 327 means that it averages around 3 times as many LGBTQI+ series as most major rivals. The Umbrella Academy is the Netflix LGBTQI+ original series most demanded by Brazilians for this date range.
  • However, when the ratio of demand to supply is considered, originals from The CW and Rede Globo are resonating better with Brazilian audiences. Both have around average supply, but their demand is between 1.5 to 2 times average. The most in-demand series from The CW is Riverdale.
  • British LGBTQI+ stories generally do not resonate with Brazilian audiences. The number of originals from both Channel 4 and the BBC is slightly lower than average, but their demand is much lower than average.
  • Major US broadcast and cable networks can be characterized as having average performance for this type of content in Brazil.

Rede Globo is serving the high demand for local LGBTQI+ stories

  • The most in-demand LGBTQI+ series from LATAM or Spain is Rede Globo’s A Força Do Querer.
  • As you’d expect from Rede Globo’s position on the supply and demand chart, it dominates this list. 6 of the top 10 originals are from this platform.
  • Global SVOD Netflix has two series here. Elite is from Spain, while Most Beautiful Thing is one of Netflix’s Brazilian originals.
  • A telenovela and a romantic comedy from Mexican network Las Estrellas accounts for the remaining two series.
  • Between Rede Globo and Netflix, seven of these originals are Brazilian in origin. This demonstrates that showcasing Brazilian LGBTQI+ culture and stories are important for success in the market.

During Pride, 21.2% of Netflix’s catalog demand in Brazil is for an LGBTQI+ original or licensed series

  • Looking at all series (originals and licensed) in the Brazilian Netflix catalog, 21.2% of all demand in June to date is for an LGBTQI+ series.
  • This is the highest proportion of demand for this type of content out of the major SVOD services.
  • HBO Go has the second highest proportion with 17.3% of catalog demand, followed by Amazon Prime Video with 15.2%.
  • Disney+ has the lowest proportion of catalog demand from LGBTQI+ series. Only 5.6% of the platform’s Brazilian demand during Pride Month is for an LGBTQI+ series.

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