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For us, research and market analytics are more critical than ever. All the articles where we run stats or trends are highly consumed, I would say between 8% and 20% more than the usual metrics. Our partnership with Parrot is solid gold.

Diego Alfagemez

Sales & Content Manager, Señal News

I've found the data provided by Parrot to be absolutely fascinating…In an age of streaming, where services like Netflix and Disney+ avoid giving detailed viewing figures, the demand stats are a very useful way of comparing shows…it allowed us to produce something quite unique with solid data behind it to illustrate the problem.

Thomas Bacon

Staff Writer

I've found Parrot’s data incredibly valuable in terms of contextualizing popularity, reach, and relative “succes” of shows. For major titles such as Stranger Things, The Mandalorian and The Witcher, it has helped paint a more complete picture of the show’s relevance in a streaming age that supports more than 500 series. We’ve used your data for both individual show breakdowns and for larger rankings stories. Appreciative of the work you guys put into it.

Brandon Katz

Former Entertainment News Reporter

We use Parrot Analytics demand data as our weekly 'chart of record' for the popularity of streaming series because no other comprehensive chart of this kind exists. People - consumers, as well as trade - like to see the relative popularity of movies, TV shows and other filmed content - which is why Parrot Analytics' weekly chart is an integral component of our weekly research offerings.

Thomas K. Arnold

Publisher & Editorial Director

About Parrot Analytics

Parrot Analytics is the industry leader in global audience demand measurement. The company measures global supply and demand for entertainment, capturing over 2 billion audiences expressing demand for content and talent in over 100 languages, across all platforms, in 200-plus countries. Parrot Analytics’ partners use this knowledge to help better understand global supply and demand across all platforms to value content and talent, drive better production, distribution, acquisition, and marketing decisions, as well as increase D2C growth and retention.

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Global audience demand measurement enables smarter decisions along the entire content development and monetization lifecycle. Click here for an in-depth explanation of our methodology.

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