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DEMAND360 Enterprise

The DEMAND360 platform quantifies global demand for content using the world’s largest audience behavior datasets. Our patented technology extracts signal from the noise on a daily basis to provide the first global content demand measure in all markets, for all languages, and across all platforms.

DEMAND360 Platform

TV 360: The global demand measurement platform

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Includes all the benefits of our DEMAND360LITE plan, PLUS:

  • Group-based licensing.
  • Unlimited streaming platforms and linear TV channels.
  • All 100+ markets unlocked.
  • Title-specific demand data available from 2015 onwards.
  • Access to direct data interrogation (API).
  • See shifts in demand with a simple toggle to view daily, weekly and monthly averages.
  • Uncover where in the world a TV series is most wanted irrespective of whether the commercial rights for the territory have already been granted.
  • Compare the cross-platform demand for tens of thousands of TV shows and visualize their demand in any market, over time.
  • Get a truly global perspective of the demand for any TV show. Zoom in to see how its demand is evolving across markets.
  • Check out the content landscape in any market and filter shows by genre, original network, release type, mood, country of origin, release date as well as custom labels.
  • Analyze how a TV show’s demand compares to the demand benchmark, which is a measure of the average demand across all titles.
  • Compare multiple shows or seasons from any start dates, even if they initially launched months or even years apart (time shift).
  • Track the behavior of unlimited shows across multiple metrics over time.
  • Create custom groups of shows for effortless analysis.
  • Discover and share global TV demand trends with customized reporting dashboards.
  • Contextualize competitor moves and prioritize sales and marketing efforts.
  • Analyze the most recent TV premieres with the release date filter.
  • Set smarter benchmarks with the custom portfolio functionality.
  • Schedule workspace reports for snapshot versions of your analyses for distribution or future comparison.
  • Get organized, work faster and personalize your catalog using custom labels.
  • Contextualize market data on your terms with custom regions.
  • Discover a TV show’s overall peak domestic and international rank by genre and market.
  • Discover which TV shows attract fans that are highly active in a niche (fandom).
  • Discover which TV shows are successfully building demand over time (momentum).
  • Discover which TV shows perform well overseas compared to their domestic demand (travelability).
  • Discover which TV shows have the highest spin-off potential (franchisability).
  • Discover which TV shows are timeless (longevity).
  • Discover the TV shows that share the same audience (affinity).
  • Discover which TV shows have the highest fan activity (engagement).
  • Discover which TV shows generate the most interest (adoption).
  • Visualize insights for competitive analysis in a brand-new way (demand distribution).
  • Discover to what extent a TV show should be monetized with ads or a subscription payment (ideal monetization).

Answers to your toughest problems:

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Monitor TV content with industry trends analysis on a global scale

The industry’s most comprehensive TV analytics platform covering 15,000+ TV shows.

  • Single user license (access for 1 person).
  • Selection of 100+ streaming platforms and linear TV channels.
  • Discover the global rank of every TV show, and in each of the 46 markets.
  • Included markets: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.

  • Top 20 shows for 100+ platforms.
  • Top 20 shows by genre including Drama, Comedy, Reality, Documentary, Action, Adventure, Animation, Children, Variety and Horror.
  • Show-specific metrics to help you benchmark performance, monitor competitors and unlock potential growth opportunities.
  • Discover which TV shows people are also watching for any given title (content affinity).
  • Find opportunities with content travelability and verify assumptions with demand distribution.
  • Top digital originals in each market.

  • Top shows by home market.
  • TV shows heating up by platform.
  • The latest TV industry news.
  • Industry insights and demand powered learnings.
  • Exclusive industry reports, market snapshots as well as deep dive analyses and commentary.
  • Evaluate TV series with context metric rankers: Staying power (longevity) and spin-off potential (franchisability).
  • Rank shows according to their demand drivers: Social media engagement, research activity, or free downloads and streams.
  • Data is available for the last day, the last 30 days and the last 60 days.
  • Flexible monthly and annual plans, cancel at any time.