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Compare content demand across markets

Gain a global perspective

With Parrot Analytics' cross-platform TV measurement, you can compare content demand across countries and gain valuable insights into the popularity of individual titles and overall content trends in over 100 countries. Understand demand for all content regardless of what platform a title is airing on, whether linear, cable, SVOD, TVOD or AVOD.

Compare multiple formats

Leverage demand data to understand the TV business in its entirety. Assess and compare the popularity of different types of TV content across platforms and languages. Directly compare digital originals, premium cable shows or any other type of show, no matter where in the world they come from.

React to audiences quickly

Adjust marketing and programming with cross-platform data; our demand-based television measurement system tracks the popularity of titles in all countries, in real time. With demand data at your fingertips you can now truly understand how popular a title is on any given day.

Contextualize competitor moves

Rely on demand data to stay ahead of the competition: Unlock content performance for any market to gauge competitors’ local strategies. Track the daily impact of marketing campaigns in the context of any other brand in a market to stay nimble and flexible.

Prioritize sales and marketing effort

Gain an immediate understanding of market rank for individual titles and franchise brands to help you prioritize marketing and partnership efforts. Brand rank can be established for any time period such as the most recent daily data and all the way back to early 2015.

Leverage advanced portfolio grouping

Maximise insights with our advanced portfolio feature: Create a grouping of titles based on genre, sub genre, original network, release type, country of origin or even mood which can then be plotted using time series. Any portfolio can be compared with any other portfolio.

Learn from the past

Explore historic demand right back to early 2015 to inform the future. Leverage our archive of global historic data for content across all platforms including episode-by-episode, season-by-season and year-by-year. Using our global SVOD measurement capabilities, compare how OTT platform launches, series releases and marketing campaigns impact on business models to inform forward-looking decisions.

Stand out from the rest

Discover relevant content

TV content discovery and recommendations can make or break an OTT platform in today’s competitive landscape. Semantic-based and platform history driven recommendations no longer provide your users with the experience they expect. Parrot Analytics does the heavy lifting by crunching trillions of data points to aid in content discovery.

Context is key

Improve user engagement

Powered by the industry’s first and only global Demand Measurement System, Parrot Analytics' user recommendation engine ensures that your platform is tailoring for each user’s taste profile based on your catalog, while crunching data from a global catalog of shows.

Cold start — solved

Show trending content

Armed with real-time demand data for content across all platforms in your user’s country, OTT platforms can become intelligent enough to recommend trending content to each new user – even without a user consumption history. Maximize immediate engagement, improve first impressions and shortcut the time to a safe level of stickiness.

Uncover hidden relationships with Affinity Analysis

Leverage valuable affinity data to secure your next best deal.

By leveraging Parrot Affinity Analysis, clients gain an intimate understanding of TV show audiences and brands they engage with. Dissect content-audience spectrum in unprecedented ways using data available only through our Professional Services team. Drive content strategies, increase engagement, and partner to grow your business.

Find sources that matter with Demand Breakdown

Find out how to reach the fans on the platforms that matter.

Fans express their demand for TV content in different ways, at different times and on different platforms. Whether it's social sharing, page views or file sharing, our professional services team can breakdown the source of demand for each TV show within each country to understand where you can best reach your audiences.

Capture emotional feedback

Uncover what audiences are feeling and how this changes over time.

Parrot Analytics has improved on industry-standard mood and sentiment detection systems, creating new models and crunching trillions of data points so that our consultants can help you have an unparalleled understanding of how consumers feel and how that feeling evolves when they engage with your content.

The future of the industry — for YOU

Future-proof your business

Looking for an edge? From custom insights, strategic rollout, pricing and negotiations projects to technical builds, find out why the smartest minds in media are using Parrot Analytics data science, engineering and executive consulting team to future-proof their business.

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Your TV data universe — all in one place

Integrate with us

Already using a centralized data infrastructure to collate, store and analyze your data internally? Connect to demand data API to feed country-specific demand data for your titles seamlessly into your data warehouse and analytics dashboards.

Improve existing models

Overlay your own data

Do you have in-house content valuation models? Do you monitor content under-performance as it relates to user acquisition, retention and ad revenue? Plug into real-time country-specific content demand data, combine it with your existing datasets to uncover new layers of actionable insights for your team.

Measuring Global Content Demand

Standardizing TV content value

Harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence and an ocean of global data, Parrot Analytics has developed the world’s first and only cross-platform, global demand metric for the TV industry.

We have measured the value consumers place on content based on an ocean of big data user interactions and created our own Content Demand Platform.

What is Content Demand?

A currency for TV shows

Demand for content is essentially the dictionary definition: it is the desire, engagement and viewership by consumers for a particular commodity. Demand for television content is what drives consumption on all platforms, such as linear TV, PayTV and SVOD services.

Consumers express their demand for content in different ways

We track a multitude of Demand Expression® platforms

Tracing interactions from the likes of social media, video streaming, photo sharing, blogging or microblogging, fan and critic ratings, file sharing and more, Parrot Analytics is able to gain the broadest available view of TV content popularity to provide actionable insights.

Capturing Demand Expressions

We collect and process the largest audience datasets

Parrot Analytics captures billions of data points daily from a variety of internet data sources, filters the noise and dynamically weights them according to how much demand they represent using the worlds most broad and advanced TV measurement system, combining them into a single, country-specific measure of demand.

Understand the TV industry like never before

Capturing data 24/7

Demand Expressions quantify the weighted audience demand for any title in any market, regardless of which platform the title airs on, or whether in fact it’s airing in that market!

Our Data Platform

Demand rating system begins with state of the art data measurement

Parrot Analytics’ cutting-edge Data Platform is finely tuned for TV content, from discovering individual titles to extracting global trends through an ocean of user data. We have analyzed trillions of data points in multi-terabyte datasets of content demand, sourcing data from consumers in every country since 2012. We've built the industry’s leading global Demand Data platform.

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