The only way to measure global audiences in an attention economy

Demand drives monetization

Understanding global audience demand for content enables smarter decisions along the entire content development and monetization lifecycle.

Programming & Acquisitions

Drive your commercial objectives with the right content

Rapidly proliferating entertainment offerings are aggressively vying for consumer attention. A platform’s collection of content is what creates differentiation from competitors. Today it is more difficult than ever to curate a premium collection for market-specific global audiences that drives the required ad sales, subscription and retention outcomes.

Demand-driven programming and acquisition leverages a return-focused selection criteria (even for unreleased titles), maximizes value by targeting titles assessed to drive commercial objectives and incorporates country-specific, high-velocity content/trend identification .

  • Demand-lead acquisition increase platform value (ROI)
  • Demand data avoids the on-platform bias for title acquisitions.
  • Demand-lead programming leverages a truly global dataset.

Audience Activation

Deploy high impact audience activation strategies

In the current global content ecosystem, gaining the attention of consumers has become increasingly harder, content discovery is a consumer burden and audiences are increasingly unaware of new content.

Demand-driven audience activation provides access to audience taste clusters weeks ahead of the premiere, results in high impact campaigns for titles that have not even been released and it is the only empirical earned media measure of your marketing spend.

  • Improve marketing effectiveness and efficiency (ROI) .
  • Measure impact against competing content on other platforms.
  • Activate precise audiences for each of your titles in each of your markets.


Maximize advertising revenues from new audiences

With the unprecedented volume of content and distribution platforms, audience attention is being pulled in every direction. Advertisers and agencies must find new ways to serve and sell ads that deliver results and ensure campaign effectiveness.

Demand-driven advertising aligns advertisers with industry verticals that appeal to audiences, based on audience interests, enabling the personalization of campaigns to capitalize on pre-release demand.

  • Remove the guesswork of where to place ads.
  • Gain confidence that your campaign will hit the right audience.
  • Pivot faster with real-time demand data.


Capture more value from global content opportunities

Broadcasters’ ability to back almost all of the new shows being commissioned, including the increasingly expensive cinema-quality dramas and scripted content, has declined sharply. This has resulted in a new wave of capital requirements requiring new investment approaches.

Demand-based investment uses content genes to quantify the global potential of every title. With hundreds of thousands of gene combinations, Parrot Analytics applies machine learning to understand the impact of each trait on latent content demand to maximize ROI and decrease risk.

  • Secure higher financial returns with global audience demand data.
  • Decrease investment risks with content genome insights.
  • Validate hypothesis by testing content investment approaches against SVOD platform subscriber net gain scenarios.


Produce with confidence and mitigate downside risks

Content is more likely to fail than to succeed. 70% of new series are cancelled in their first season. Despite this dismal reality more content is being made and more money is being invested into the production of content with average series budgets increasing yearly.

Demand-driven production leverages the Parrot Analytics content genome and historical audience consumption to provide deep insights into target audiences’ character, talent, setting, plot, theme and genre preferences for global and local content.

  • Increase the likelihood of a successful series.
  • De-risk production efforts.
  • Create content that is highly in-demand.

Concept Testing & Development

Discover the most lucrative concepts, pre-development

Before content is even in production it must be deemed worthy out of tens of concepts. Selecting the wrong concept can cause the loss of millions of dollars invested and may result in a concept being forfeit that would have been lucrative.

Demand-driven concept testing and development leverages the Parrot Analytics content genome to find the best performing concepts based on latent demand. Coupled with talent demand, producers gain a holistic view of future content performance, pre-development.

  • Increase the likelihood of a successful concept.
  • Reveal which concept traits are globally unique.
  • Benchmark concepts against expected audience demand.

Talent Demand

Promote and market cast with confidence

Casting decisions can damage even the best productions, but decision makers have few insights into what talent factors will contribute to a title’s success. Without understanding the inherent qualities of talent through empirical demand data, producers, marketers and agencies risk making expensive and inefficient decisions.

Talent demand analytics reveals hidden talent insights, through a combination of affinity and trait analysis, encompassing both global and market-based factors to determine who is truly worth an investment.

  • Negotiate better casting deals.
  • Promote and market cast with confidence.
  • Increase prestige and industry impact.

Valuable for:


Decrease churn and realize your platform’s true potential

Sifting through irrelevant TV shows leaves audiences annoyed, frustrated and at risk of signing off. Content recommendation engines that do not align audience interests with market demand cannot realize a platform’s true potential, resulting in higher churn rates.

Demand-driven recommendation appeals to the individuality of your audience base, taking into consideration the unique and limitless characteristics of taste clusters as well as market demand, keeping subscribers engaged even after a show ends.

  • Increase engagement by incorporating market demand data.
  • Reduce churn and increase “stickiness” to your platform.
  • Find new ways to appeal to different audiences.

Finance and Strategy

Capitalize on under-monetized categories and markets

Financial and strategic decisions made in the absence of a deep understanding of the content ecosystem, industry factors, competitor moves as well as empirical, market-specific content demand data leads to sub-optimal pricing decisions and stalled revenue and growth.

Demand-driven finance and strategy allows our partners to capitalize on under-monetized categories and markets, discover new business opportunities and assess the strengths and weakness of the competition’s content, leading to increased commercial efficiency and ROI.

  • Inform strategy formulation with empirical content metrics.
  • Project risk and return based on market demand factors.
  • Maximize content investment with demand-optimized spending.

Competitive Analysis

Understand competitors’ market-specific brand performance

Today’s global content marketplace offers a plethora of entertainment choices to consumers. New networks, platforms and apps are employing new types of content, formats and business models, pulling consumer attention away from established players’ offerings. To understand how to deprive competitors of content monetization opportunities is more important than ever.

Competitive analysis based on global audience demand data allows you to understand and quantify how much attention consumers are paying to your competitors’ brands, titles and platforms, daily.

  • Quantify consumer attention across all competitor platforms, including SVOD.
  • Track the impact of your competitors’ marketing campaigns in real time.
  • Gain valuable country-specific competitor insights into individual programs.

Sports Demand
Valuable for:

Sports Demand

Capitalize on the most in-demand sports in every market

Live sports are the next frontier in the monetization of audience demand. Broadcasters and OTT platforms must leverage their understanding of the global sports ecosystem using demand data to optimize their strategy, or else risk fans’ attention being captured by competing platforms.

Demand-driven sports demand uncovers which sports are most popular in every market and reveals audience and brand affinity for advertising, marketing and promotion opportunities.

  • Tap into new and highly engaged audiences.
  • Increase the ROI on brand partnerships.
  • Stay ahead of global live sports trends.

Global OTT Expansion

Leverage insights to rapidly expand global net subscriber adds

Over-reliance on platform-only datasets and traditional market research data does not account for the market-specific needs of global audiences - a necessity for any OTT expansion strategy. Without platform-agnostic insights, operators lack true understanding of market demand, risking lower subscribers and increased churn.

Demand-driven global OTT expansion harnesses audience demand data from over 200 markets to provide insights for growing and keeping a subscriber base.

  • Easily prioritize markets for expansion.
  • Align strategy with the maturity level of every market.
  • Increase returns on global and localized content investments.

Sales and Distribution
Valuable for:

Sales and Distribution

Lead global content negotiations with authority

Information asymmetry gives platforms the upper hand in sales negotiations. Proving to a buyer that your content commands a higher price is difficult without authoritative data. Selling content when it has not been released can be difficult.

Demand-driven sales and distribution allows sellers to prioritize markets based on audience demand, including territories where commercial rights have not yet been granted. Applying a demand-based framework to negotiations gives sellers the upper hand.

  • Focus global sales efforts on high value markets first.
  • Lead convincing sales negotiations with empirical data.
  • Sell content with confidence ahead of release.

Game Demand

Capitalize on the most in-demand gaming trends in every market

Over-reliance on platform-only datasets and traditional market research data does not account for the market-specific needs of global audiences - a necessity for any gaming studio. Without platform-agnostic insights, game developers lack understanding of the true market demand, risking slower expansion and missed opportunities from gaming fans.

Game demand unlocks audience demand data from over 200 markets to provide insights for finding new gaming audiences and unlocking new avenues for growth of gaming properties.

  • Easily prioritize markets for expansion.
  • Understand and leverage global gaming trends.
  • Discover new gaming fans to drive new title sales and subscription revenues.

Brand Demand

Quantify and understand the global audience demand and profile of a brand

In today's attention economy, competition for content brands and brand franchises can come from multiple directions. Audiences and fans are easily distracted by new shows, apps or games, pulling them away from your IP and enticing them to spend their time, effort and money elsewhere.

Brand demand unlocks audience insights to give you confidence to better understand your fans' interests whilst also benchmarking the demand for competitor brands, thereby giving you the intelligence to keep the fans on your platform instead.

  • Quantify the value of your brands or franchises.
  • Unravel content, talent and interests related to your brands and franchises.
  • Benchmark competitor brands and franchises.

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