Rise Studios x Parrot Analytics Whitepaper: Beyond Borders - The Evolution of Non-English Content in MENA

6 March, 2024

This whitepaper by Rise Studios and Parrot Analytics offers a comprehensive overview of the shifting landscape in global entertainment, with a specific focus on the MENA region's burgeoning demand for Arabic and locally produced programming.

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Shift towards local content
The MENA region is witnessing a significant shift from English-language dominance towards a stronger preference for Arabic and locally produced content, highlighting an opportunity for investment in region-specific programming.

Genre preferences and trends
Drama and comedy continue to dominate the region's preferences, reflecting the rich storytelling traditions of MENA. However, there's a notable rise in demand for children's content and animation, indicating a diversification of audience interests.

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Surge in non-English content demand globally
Global demand for non-English content has nearly doubled since 2018 and is now at an all-time high, with Arabic content in MENA showing remarkable growth.  Even demand for non-English content in the US has leaped more than +50% over the past three years thanks to improved dubbing, subtitling, and cultural adoption. This suggests a global trend towards more inclusive and diverse content offerings.

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Asian-language content's global appeal
Asian-language TV, particularly Japanese animation, has seen a rapid increase in global demand, indicating the potential for non-English content to bridge the demand-supply gap in international markets.

Content travelability and universal themes
Content that balances local specificity with universal themes, such as crime drama and Japanese animation, tends to resonate well across different cultures, suggesting a formula for creating globally appealing content.

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Economic principles in content success
Applying economic principles of supply and demand to content analysis can help identify themes and genres with the highest potential for success, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decisions in content creation.

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Hidden Gems
A quick look into potential ‘content goldmines’ in Colombia, Indonesia, Japan and Poland. An analysis of content performance of titles from 'non-traditional' markets reveals that many have travelled beyond their domestic borders.

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The Rise Studios x Parrot Analytics Whitepaper is available to download here.

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