Discover the US Top 10 Shows with Hulu OTT Measurement & More (September 10 – 16, 2017)

For the second consecutive week, Netflix’s Narcos continued to be the most in-demand digital original series, making Ozark the second-most popular show in the US, as per our Netflix, Amazon and Hulu OTT measurement system. However, demand for Narcos and Ozark is generally decreasing (down 50% and 36% from last week, respectively). Both series have been renewed for new episodes in 2018. Furthermore, the third-ranked title Stranger Things is currently on hiatus and slightly decreased in demand by about 17% since last week, so it may overtake Narcos and Ozark in demand when it returns on October 27.

There are no new shows in the top 10 digital originals this week, and the demand for most of them remained fairly steady. However, Netflix is nominated for 91 Emmy awards this year and we presume old favorites like House of Cards, Stranger Things, and The Crown will increase in demand significantly due to these much publicized awards.

In the overall chart, the top two positions remain unchanged compared to last week with Stephen King’s IT (1990) shooting up to #3 on the overall chart this week. Most of the top shows are the same as last week, with the addition of AMC’s Fear of the Walking Dead and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The start of American Horror Story’s seventh season has resulted in the show ranking fifth overall.

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