Germany streaming market share analysis 2020: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Paramount+ (CBS All Access) and more

1 March, 2021

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Presented below is the section for Germany from The Global Television Demand Report. Enjoy!

Germany digital original genre and subgenre preferences

  • German audiences expressed the highest share of demand for digital originals in the drama genre in 2020. At 48.1% demand share this is slightly above average for countries in this report.
  • Germany has a close to average share of demand for the action adventure genre with 16.8%. However, this market saw one of the largest increases in demand for action/adventure originals this year, up from 13.2% in 2019.
  • Germany has an above average share of demand for reality digital originals and a below average share for horror digital originals. These genres have a 3.4% and 2.4% demand share respectively.
  • Sci-fi drama is the most in-demand subgenre in Germany for 2020. Crime drama overtook superhero series to become the 2nd most in demand in Germany this year.
  • Teen drama is the 7th most in-demand subgenre in Germany. This is similar to Italy where it was 6th most in-demand. The result in both countries is likely helped by the popularity of local versions of the teen drama Skam (Druck in Germany and Skam Italia in Italy).
  • Germany is one of three markets, with Italy and Brazil, where fantasy drama ranked most highly as the 9th most in-demand subgenre.

Germany platform demand share and digital originals demand distribution

  • In Germany, demand for digital originals from Netflix accounted for 52.9% of demand for all digital originals in 2020.
  • German audiences have an above average demand for digital originals from CBS All Access with 5.3% share for 2020. CBS’s Star Trek franchise is consistently popular in this market.
  • The 24 month chart shows how demand for Netflix originals has held up fairly well in 2020 compared to other markets. In December 2020 the platform had a 50% demand share which is on par with its share following Disney+ and Apple TV+’s launch at the end of 2019.
  • The Mandalorian is the most in-demand digital original series in Germany in 2020. It has 24.3 times the demand of the average show.
  • With 12.9 times the demand of the average series, CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Picard is the fourth most in-demand digital original in Germany for 2020. This reflects the popularity of the Star Trek franchise in Germany.
  • In Germany, Hulu’s original series High Fidelity achieved a higher rank than any market in this report. It is the 26th most in-demand digital original here with 5.9 times the demand of the average series.

Germany platform demand share for drama & action/adventure digital originals

  • With a 60.2% share of demand for drama digital originals in Germany, Netflix accounted for a majority of demand in this category in 2020. Germany was one of four markets in this report where Netflix had a larger than 60% share here.
  • In Germany, Apple TV+ has one of the smallest shares of demand for drama originals with a 4.4% share.
  • Despite the fluctuations in Netflix’s demand share this year, its average for the year, 60.2% was nearly equal to its share in 2019, 60.5%. This shows that Netflix has stood up to increased competition well in Germany.
  • In Germany, Netflix originals have a 31.0% demand share in the action/adventure genre in 2020. This number is slightly below the average of markets in this report.
  • Of the markets in this report, Germany had the highest share of demand for action/adventure originals from CBS All Access. The newest series in the Star Trek franchise, Star Trek: Picard, was the 4th most in-demand digital original for the year in Germany.
  • Last year, Disney+’s demand share in Germany was one of the highest of markets we looked at. This year, its 20.5% demand share is only average.

Top digital original series in Germany

Here are the top 20 most in-demand streaming original series in 2020 across all platforms:


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