Netflix Video Measurement & More on US TVs Top 10 (October 16 – 22, 2016)

23 October, 2016

Netflix video measurement needs to incorporate the desire, engagement, and also consumption of TV content, weighted by importance. This is why we have established the Demand Expressions metric, which, for example, includes actual content consumption like watching an entire episode. Consumption demand is scored as a much more important expression of demand, than a simple “like” on a social network. Let us now take a look at streaming originals for the US.

The Digital Original Top Ten remains very stable compared to last week. The top three is unchanged as audiences continue to enjoy the recently released Netflix series Luke Cage, Stranger Things and Haters Back Off. Although demand for first place superhero show Luke Cage dropped by about 18%, and demand for the other two shows also dropped slightly, they still dominate the list. This trend is reflected in the entire Digital Original top ten, which also features the same shows that charted last week, although with some minor changes in ordering. With no significant news or releases in the last week, most of the shows have lost a little demand, as is usual. Bucking the trend are Orange Is The New Black and House Of Cards, both of which enjoyed a rise in demand.

Similarly, the Overall Top Ten list also features the same ten shows that appeared last week. Unlike the Digital Originals though, there’s been change at the top as audience favorite The Walking Dead once again leads the chart, as demand rises in anticipation of the hit show’s imminent Season 7. The 14% rise from that pushes Westworld into second place, even though the HBO sci-fi drama enjoyed a 2% rise itself. Also on the rise is American Horror Story, which with the drop in demand for Luke Cage overtakes it for third.

Elsewhere in the rankings, the latest offering from irreverent comedy South Park  is proving that the veteran show can still amuse, with a 7% rise from last week pushing it into seventh place. Meanwhile, despite its sister zombie show topping the list Fear The Walking Dead continues to slip as time passes from its finale 2 weeks ago.

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