OTT Demand for US Top 10 Television Shows & More (10 – 16 December, 2017)

18 December, 2017

Currently, OTT/SVOD content providers still can’t match the revenues generated by broadcast advertising. However, as OTT demand increases, traditional television networks cannot afford to be complacent. Parrot Analytics’ demand measurement system can help both linear and non-linear service providers gain the upper hand: By providing real-time and globally standardized data, content can be monetized more effectively across all platforms, irrespective of where the content airs.

In our latest demand chart a week out from Christmas, we see little movement in title ranking from the top five Digital Original Series in the United States. However, two returning series from Netflix and Amazon Video made a reappearance in two different positions in the chart. Netflix’s The Crown is ranked at #3 with roughly three times more demand compared to tenth placed series The Grand Tour this week. Both series are currently airing their second season, although The Grand Tour still screens weekly, compared to The Crown which was released in its entirety on December 8. It is interesting to note that all but one Digital Original series from Netflix dropped in demand from week-to-week with Godless’s demand approximately halved compared to last week.

Most of the series in the overall chart are on holiday hiatus. AMC’s The Walking Dead still tops the overall chart, with 23% higher demand compared to HBO’s Game of Thrones; the zombie drama rose 10% compared to last week (spoiler alert!) on the back of Carl (Chandler Riggs) getting a walker bite on the midseason finale. Showtime’s Shameless is ranked eighth out of all overall series after premiering its eighth season on November 5. Also, the launch of the first half of the fifth season of History’s Vikings on November 29 overtook Marvel’s The Punisher from Netflix. The Gustaf Skarsgård-fronted action drama had 15% more demand than newly released Netflix series this week, as evidenced by our OTT demand measurement platform.


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