Streaming Television Ratings US Top 10 & More (December 11–17, 2016)

19 December, 2016

Our streaming television ratings show that new shows dominated the top digital original series this week. In the first full week after its second season release, Fuller House rose by 58% to become the most popular digital original. Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, which premiered on December 16th, had only 14% less demand than Netflix’s latest hit. The Grand Tour and Club de Cuervos also climbed in the rankings, and Netflix’s White Rabbit Project, released on December 9th, debuted in tenth place.

While newly released titles formed half of the top digital originals list, the other half are still hit series. Stranger Things had only 8% less demand than The Man in the High Castle. Series released this fall — Gilmore Girls, The Crown, and Luke Cage — have fairly steady demand at about 7 million Demand Expressions™, but still have more demand than several newer titles. Per our streaming television ratings, the oldest show on the list, Orange is the New Black, had 1.8% more demand than the newest show, White Rabbit Project.

After its finale last week, Westworld fell by 29% to become the second-most popular series behind The Walking Dead yet again. In contrast, AMC’s hit series aired its midseason finale on December 11th, causing its demand to rise by 9%. Several other finales boosted their shows into the top ten this week: the latest season of The Voice ended on December 13th, moving it into fifth place, and Designated Survivor finished for the year on December 14th, moving it to eighth place. Demand for The Big Bang Theory increased by nearly 20% after its eventful episode on December 15th, surpassing the still-airing Vikings by 3%.


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