Romania streaming market share analysis Q1 2021: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Paramount+ and more

1 April, 2021

Wondering who is winning in the streaming wars in Romania in Q1, 2021?

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Presented below is the section for Romania from The Global Television Demand Report. Enjoy!

Romania Digital Original Genre and Subgenre Preferences

  • The drama genre accounts for just under half of digital original demand in Romania for Q1 2021. It’s 49.8% share is slightly above the global average share for this genre, 49.0%.
  • Romania is the most horror - loving market in this report. Romania’s 3.8% share of demand for horror digital originals is higher than any other market we looked at.
  • The markets in this report in general have high demand for action/adventure originals. While Romania has the 3rd lowest share of demand in this report for action/adventure originals (18.1%), this is still well above the global average share for this genre – 14.0%
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.02.48 PM.png
  • Romania is one of three markets in this report (with the Czech Republic and Turkey) where sci - fi drama was the most in-demand digital original subgenre of Q1 2021.
  • While Romania has a general love of horror, the suspense horror subgenre only ranked 9th this quarter. This subgenre ranked higher in India for the quarter.
  • The horror-adjacent thriller subgenre was the fourth most in-demand digital original subgenre in Romania for the quarter.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.04.53 PM.png

Romania Platform Demand Share and Digital Originals Demand Distribution

  • Of markets in this report, Romanian audiences expressed the highest share of demand for digital originals for Paramount+ original series. The 6.6% share of demand for Paramount+ originals is more than twice the global average (3.2%). Star Trek in particular resonates here. Both Star Trek: Discovery and Picard ranked higher here than in any other market in this report.
  • Hulu’s 8.1% share of digital original demand in Romania makes is the largest for any market in this report.
  • The popularity of original content in Romania from platforms with smaller demand shares (Hulu, Paramount+, HBO Max) has cut into the share of demand for Netflix originals. Romania is one of the markets we looked at where Netflix had a less than 50% share of demand.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.08.12 PM.png
  • This quarter’s most in-demand digital original series in Romania is WandaVision. It reached 17.5 times the demand of the average show.
  • The Expanse, from Amazon Prime Video was the third most in-demand original series in Romania for Q1 2021. This was a higher rank than it achieved in any other market in this report. It had 11.9 times the average series demand.
  • Romanians’ love of horror spans the original content of many platforms. Paramount+’s The Twilight Zone (4.7x), Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (3.5x), and Hulu’s Castle Rock (1.8x) all were in-demand here this quarter.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.12.46 PM.png

Romania Platform Demand Share for Drama & Action/Adventure Digital Originals

  • Netflix originals accounted for a majority of demand for digital original dramas in Romania in Q1 2021. Romania was one of only four markets in this report where Netflix fell below a 60% share of drama demand this quarter, along with India, the US, and Thailand.
  • Apple TV+ dramas have found success with Romanian audiences. 7.0% of demand for drama originals this quarter was for an Apple TV+ original. In this report only the US had a larger share of demand for this platform’s dramas this quarter.
  • The 24 month trend chart reveals a tight race between HBO Max and Paramount+ dramas in Romania. Paramount+ had a larger demand share in January but was overtaken by HBO Max the next month. By the end of the month Paramount+ and HBO Max were in a dead heat with 4.1% and 4.0% respectively.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.18.16 PM.png
  • Demand for Paramount+ action/adventure originals in Romania is exceptionally high. The platform’s 9.1% share in Q1 2021 was by far the highest in this report and more than 2.5 times the global average share for this platform’s action/adventure originals.
  • Hulu’s action/adventure originals reached a demand share of 2.8% in Romania in Q1 2021 - higher than most markets in this report. While Hulu originals have not been a major force in the action/adventure space, the horror tinged action series, Marvel’s Helstrom , has possibly been part of the platform’s success in Romania.
  • Disney+ has the third smallest share of demand for action/adventure originals in Romania of markets in this report. In the trend chart you can see a downturn in its share at the end of the quarter, contrasting with many markets where it has continued to grow.
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 12.20.04 PM.png

Top Digital Original Series in Romania

Here are the top 20 most in-demand streaming original series in Q1 2021 across all platforms in Romania:

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 11.59.31 AM.png

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