Supply and Demand Trend Report - Mexico, February to April 2021

10 June, 2021

Parrot Analytics supply and demand trend reports reveal trends in audience content demand against industry supply for microgenres. Series usually belong to multiple microgenres within an overarching main genre, for example Star Trek: Discovery is a drama series that has the action and science-fiction microgenres.

In this report, we look at which microgenres are most represented in the available series in this market, which are best at attracting audience attention and which have the biggest gap between these two – representing either opportunity or warning. Lastly, how are these trends shifting and what is audience attention moving towards?

The key questions investigated in this report:

1. What does the content landscape look like in Mexico?

2. Where are the largest whitespace opportunities in Mexico?

3. Which genres are trending towards increased whitespace in Mexico?

What does the content landscape look like in Mexico?


• Mexican audiences have very high demand for superhero content, but there is low supply. The typical demand for a show with this microgenre is 512% of average, while the number of titles belonging to this subgenre is only 20% of the number of titles in the average microgenre.

• LGBTQI+ content is similarly undersaturated with high demand (315%) and low supply (22%).

• The history microgenre is oversaturated. There is above average supply for this type of content, with 53% more titles than are in the average microgenre. However, it does not have high demand in Mexico with the typical history title having only 50% of the demand of the average series.

• Romance is also in the oversaturated quadrant, as it is in most markets. However, the microgenre’s demand index of 95 is nearly high enough to put it in the high demand and high supply quadrant, meaning that compared to other markets romance’s position in Mexico is better than usual.

Where are the largest whitespace opportunities in Mexico?


• Superhero is the microgenre with the biggest whitespace globally and Mexico is no exception. The Demand/Supply ratio for these three months is 26:1, meaning that superhero content is 26 times more in demand than there is supply in the market.

• The in-demand LGBTQI+ microgenre also has a high Demand/Supply ratio of 16:1. Series supplying this demand in Mexico include Riverdale and Schitt’s Creek, as well as local series El corazón nunca se equivoca.

• The appraisal microgenre has one of the highest Demand/Supply ratios in Mexico. While this microgenre is difficult to incorporate in scripted series, the difference in supply and demand represents an opportunity for unscripted series. Appraisal series popular with Mexican audiences include Pawn Stars and House Hunters International. These are both produced in America, but House Hunters International does feature Mexican locations indicating there is room for a local appraisal reality series.

Which genres are trending towards increased whitespace in Mexico?


• These microgenres have increased their whitespace potential the most in Mexico compared to 12 months ago. The market index is also included, showing how the average microgenre demand and supply index changed over the same period.

• In all cases, the supply of these microgenres has shrunk relative to the market. This means that the average microgenre added new titles faster than these specific microgenres did. Of the microgenres shown, superhero was closest to keeping pace with the market supply (on the chart, this is shown by the direction between the superhero points being closest to vertical)

• The appraisal genre reappears here as one of the fastest growing opportunities in Mexico. However, despite the increase in demand it is still not a big microgenre. While as noted there is room for local Mexican appraisal series, producers moving to take advantage of this should beware that it is likely only a handful of new series in this space could succeed.

• The change over the year for pre-school content is noteworthy. This microgenre goes from below average in both supply and demand in 2020 to above average in demand, moving it into the undersaturated quadrant. An example series in this microgenre that grew in demand over the period analysed is Cleo & Cuquin.

This report is intended as a high-level overview of supply and demand trends in this market. DEMAND360 Enterprise users have access to a dedicated supply and demand analysis tool enabling insights into trends for specific platforms, title filters, custom timeframes and more in the Demand360 platform. To unlock access to these features, enquire about Enterprise subscription details here:

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