SVOD Content Consumption & More for United States TV Top 10 (November 20–26, 2016)

Our demand measurement system, which aims to give users a global view on SVOD content consumption, shows that the revival of Gilmore Girls, released on November 25th, has shot to the top of the digital originals list. With high interest both before and after its premiere, it attracted more than double the demand of other recent hits such as The Crown and Amazon’s The Grand Tour. In addition, Gilmore Girls ranks fourth out of all television series this week and has as only 3% less demand than Game of Thrones.

Unlike Netflix, which premieres entire seasons at once, Amazon has chosen to release episodes of The Grand Tour weekly. This strategy may be helping increase its demand: while Netflix’s most recent hit The Crown declined by 31% last week and 17% this week, The Grand Tour has grown by 45% between its first and second episodes. With demand for older shows, Luke Cage and Stranger Things, also falling by about 10%, Amazon’s series rises to be the third-most popular digital original series. In contrast, the ranking of the rest of the titles on the list have remained the same.

Overall, the gap between the most popular series, The Walking Dead, and its competitor, Westworld, has narrowed so that HBO’s new show has only about 17% less demand than AMC’s megahit. While demand for Game of Thrones remained steady, demand for American Horror Story fell by 22% since its season has ended. The finale of Dancing With The Stars lifted the show into the top ten this week, with 23% more demand than long-running comedies South Park and The Big Bang Theory.

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