TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (14 - 20 February, 2021)

22 February, 2021

Image: The Flash, The CW

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For the week of February 14 - 20, Attack on Titan was the most in-demand show in the United States. It had 95.0 times the demand of the average series in the US. This is down by 4.7% from last week. The anime series is currently releasing episodes in its final season, the latest on February 15.

US demand for WandaVision has continued to rise this week, up by 3.7%. The Disney+ original was 63.5 times the demand of the average series this week. Episode 7 was released on February 19th and there are two more episodes yet to be released in this season.

Saturday Night Live had 71.5 times the demand of the average series this week. This was down 8% from last week. This week’s episode was hosted by Regina King, most recently known for her Emmy winning role in Watchmen.

Demand for Stranger Things was up 6% this week. While it has been over 18 months since the most recent episodes were released and no definitive release date for season 4 has been set, Netflix has been working to keep fans excited about this show. The most recent publicity stunt involved sending fans packages with a Russian doll containing a phone number. Upon calling the number, fans were greeted with a voicemail from Yuri, a mysterious new character in the upcoming season.

The Flash returned to the top 10 ranking this week. It had 49.8 times the demand of the average show. A week before the premiere of its 7th season on March 2nd, The CW has released episode titles and synopses of the first few episodes. The premiere of this season has been particularly delayed due to covid-19 production restrictions.

Digital Original - Demand VS Market Average.jpg

Demand for Cobra Kai took a tumble this week, down 15% from last week. Despite the drop, it is still the 3rd most in-demand digital original in the US with 52.9 times the average demand. The Expanse saw a similarly large drop in demand this week, down 14%. This follows the conclusion of its latest season.

As demand for WandaVision continued to rise, it was still not enough to knock The Mandalorian out of the #1 spot. These two Disney+ series are neck in neck this week. The Mandalorian was 63.6x and WandaVision was 63.5x the average demand.

The Witcher returned to the top 10 most in-demand digital original ranking this week. It was the 10th most in demand digital original with 25.2 times the average series demand. Even before its second season was released, Netflix seems keen to capitalize on demand for The Witcher. A prequel series is being planned for this show and is already being cast.

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