TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (17 - 23 July, 2021)

26 July, 2021

Image: The Flash, The CW

overall_top_10_7.26 (1).png

This week, July 17 – 23, Spongebob Squarepants and Rick and Morty saw no change to their positions, however the latter took quite the hit in demand - with a 20.7% decrease since last week. Despite this, Rick and Morty still managed to retain its position as the second most in-demand series in the US with 58.5 times the series demand- well ahead of My Hero Academia, which came in at the third spot with 49.5 times the average series demand.

As the show wrapped up its seventh season, demand for The Flash continued to remain high. With 45.2 times the average series demand, it was the fifth most in-demand show this week. The season finale premiered on July 20 with unexpected guest stars, setting the stage for new developments in season 8 and leading to a 12.2% surge in demand for the series this week. Saturday Night Live saw an 8% decrease in demand, causing it to drop to the sixth position with 41.9 times the average demand.

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Demand for Stranger Things dropped by 11% this week, leading to the show sliding down to the second position and Loki moving up to the first. The Disney+ series topped the charts with 44.1 times the demand for the average digital original series.  The series that showed the most movement this week is Ted Lasso, which was the fifth most in-demand digital original this week with 32.8 times the average demand. This 11% increase in demand could be attributed to the highly positive reviews the recently released second season has been receiving.

The Witcher slid down in the charts and saw a 30% decrease in demand after enjoying a week of engagement from fans following the new season trailer announcement. It is now in the ninth position with 25.8 times the demand. This was an expected movement, given that the next season is still quite far away (December) and the announcement excitement seems to be dying down now. Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Cobra Kai also made their way into the top 10s this week, with 26.3 and 25.3 times the average digital original demand respectively.

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