TV series demand across all television platforms for the U.S. (31 January - 6 February, 2021)

9 February, 2021

Image: Saturday Night Live, NBC

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For the week of January 31 – February 6, Attack on Titan was the most in-demand show in the United States. It had 110.5 times the demand of the average series in the US, up 10.5% from last week. This is the third week in a row where the anime series is the most in-demand show in the US. It is in the midst of its final season with several episodes left to air so there may be room to go higher still.

Demand for Saturday Night Live increased by 27% from last week as the show got back into full swing after a long hiatus. A majority of this demand was following the episode hosted by John Krasinski with musical guest Machine Gun Kelly. This past Saturday’s episode was hosted by another popular sitcom star, Dan Levy from Schitt’s Creek. This week’s episode focused on the Super Bowl, steering clear of politics in its opening skit. This could mark a change in direction after the show has had great success with political satire over the past four years.

The Office was the 10th most in-demand series overall in the US for the past week. Multiple factors have helped keep demand for this modern classic high. In the US it moved off Netflix and became available on Peacock as of January 1st. This was accompanied by a huge promotional campaign to get audiences excited for the show on its new home. The series also saw a boost in demand following John Krasinski’s hosting SNL, another show from NBC and available on Peacock. Corporate synergies are being put to work for this show.

Digital Original - Demand VS Market Average.jpg

The most in-demand digital original in the US for the past week was Cobra Kai. This is its 5th week in the top spot, an impressive streak that reflects both the enduring popularity of the series itself and the lack of a new hit show popular enough to overtake it.

WandaVision climbed one spot up the rankings this week. It finally knocked Stranger Things out of the top 3 digital originals. While demand for this Disney+ original was up by 21% this week, it was still unable to unseat either The Mandalorian or Cobra Kai. Post release demand for WandaVision has slowly but steadily increased. The weekly release schedule has been the main factor in this slow build, but surprise twists have kept audiences engaged and prevented demand from flagging.

The Expanse released its Season 5 finale on February 2nd. Unfortunately, demand for the series following its finale did not reach as high a level as when the first 3 episodes of the season were released on December 15th. Demand for the series had tapered off in the weeks following the season 5 premiere indicating that this show has not been as successful in holding audiences’ attention.

Demand for The Boys has been increasing this past week as production has started on Season 3. Fans are clearly excited for the return of this series. Lucifer is also seeing fan interest remain high in the absence of a new season. Production was delayed due to COVID-19 but a steady drip of information about the upcoming Season 5 Part 2 (including episode titles, musical clips, and plot hints) has kept fans engaged.

Note: An earlier version of this article stated that Attack on Titan's finale was February 1st. This was incorrect and has been updated

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