United States Top 10 Digital Television Ratings & More (18 – 24 February, 2018)

26 February, 2018

Image: Everything Sucks!, Netflix

Demand Expressions is a metric developed by Parrot Analytics that enables digital television ratings on a global scale. This industry standard metric can be used to gauge global demand for TV content across all devices and platforms in almost every country. Equally, we are also able to assess the worldwide popularity of television content on linear channels and networks. This week we once again report on the top digital originals and overall TV shows for the US.

In the top five during Presidents’ week, demand for both The Grand Tour and Altered Carbon experienced a drop contrasted to last week as they finished airing for the year. Per our digital television ratings based on our demand metric, nostalgic American teen drama Everything Sucks! from Netflix came in at #6. This show is one of Netflix’s lower budget shows with no named actors involved, which takes a bittersweet look at how awkward it was to be a teen in the 1990s. The show itself is a kind of mixtape of classic teen dramas, mashing up Freaks and Geeks, The Breakfast Club, Heathers, Weird Science, and last year’s mega-hit Stranger Things – with a dash of Fuller House thrown in. In the bottom three rankings, a full week after the trailer for the upcoming season two was released, Marvel’s Jessica Jones had slightly more demand compared to 13 Reasons Why.

Disney XD’s Star Wars Rebels appeared in the overall chart this week, aligning with the airing of the fourth series’ conclusion that will air back-to-back in six episodes with a 90-minute finale special on March 5.

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