Understand and benchmark audience demand weeks ahead of a TV show or film premiere. Gain deep insights into audience behaviours, demographics and sentiment to deliver targeted campaigns that resonate.

Deploy high impact entertainment marketing strategies

How is a new release performing compared to previous seasons or other shows?

Understand how your season premiere campaign is performing with an apples-to-apples comparison to previous seasons and competitive releases. Easily track the demand of pre-release shows to optimize your marketing spend in every market.

What brands shall I partner with?

Identify the most impactful brand and talent partnerships by understanding synergies between audiences. Discover which brands, TV shows, movies and talent resonate most with different audience demographics and segments.

How can I personalize my marketing campaigns beyond demographics?

Inform your audience and customer segmentation strategy with new ways to profile audiences beyond demographics alone. Uncover distinct audience segments based on behavior and affinity data. 

Let’s unlock new value together

Answer virtually any business question with solutions tailored to your needs.

Partner with us to make better strategic decisions.

We are extremely excited to be working with Parrot Analytics, to help us refine our content strategy. As a company we strive to be as data driven as possible, and Parrot Analytics’ reports will allow us to refine our content selections and monitor our investments on the territory.

Chiara Tosato
Commercial Director of Infinity, Mediaset
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