Create successful productions with deep insights into audience preferences and catalog metadata. Maximize the ROI of your content and de-risk investments with concept-testing and content valuation.

Fuse art with science for the next global hit

How are my marketing campaigns impacting the success of a new release?

Compare the demand for a show or movie across different season release and event dates. Analyze the changes in pre and post season demand to understand the impact your campaigns have made.

How do I know which content is trending with different audiences?

Access the largest audience behaviour data set combined with demographic and sentiment insights - all in one place. Our global measurement standard gives you a holistic view of what’s trending in which markets, across all platforms - broadcast, pay TV or OTT.

How do I acquire and license content to maximize ROI?

Know exactly how much a piece of content is worth to inform content decisions and negotiations. Our revenue modelling capabilities give you unrivalled insights and a competitive edge whether you’re the buyer or seller.

How can I find new opportunity markets for content distribution?

See which markets have the highest demand for a show - even in markets where the show is not available. Uncover licensing opportunities in markets with high demand for a show but no distribution deal.

Which elements of existing content do fans like the most?

Identify which different combinations of characters, talent, settings, mood and genre resonate with your audience. De-risk subsequent season or spin-off productions by testing different concepts.

Which IP has the highest spin-off potential?

Quickly compare the spin-off and monetization potential of different titles with a standardized franchisability score. Dive deeper with custom insights to understand the market potential of existing IP contained in literary works, gaming universes, fictional characters, and more.

Which genres should I invest in?

Understand which genres have reached saturation or present an area of opportunity with demand vs supply analysis. Identify which genres have high audience demand but low content supply to uncover whitespace opportunities and inform your content slate planning.

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Parrot’s technology delivers the only system that allows us to standardize how we value our content around the world, and it is also the only system able to give us a truly global view of audience demand in every country at any given time.

Sean Cohan
President of International and Digital Media, A+E Networks
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