Gain insights into audience preferences, demographics and sentiment to optimize your talent's earning potential and help them stand out in a competitive market. Promote and market talent backed with data-driven strategies.

Support casting decisions with empirical facts

Where is my talent most popular?

Access the largest audience behaviour data set combined with demographic and sentiment insights - all in one place.  Our global measurement standard gives you a holistic view of who trending in which markets.

How much is my talent worth?

Understand how much of a series’ value is driven by the demand for one of its star. Enter negotiations with competitive insights into your talent’s revenue contribution power.

What are the best partnership opportunities for my talent?

Identify the most impactful brand and talent partnerships by understanding synergies between audiences. Discover which brands, TV shows, movies and talent resonate most with different audience demographics and segments.

Let’s unlock new value together

Answer virtually any business question with solutions tailored to your needs.

Partner with us to make better strategic decisions.

What these guys do is bigger, better, more scalable than research we could possibly do — by orders of magnitude.

David Boyle
Executive Vice President, BBC Worldwide
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