Cross platform TV demand: The most wanted television in the U.S. (03 – 09 March, 2019)

11 March, 2019

Image: American Idol, ABC

Parrot Analytics’ demand measurement platform uses global TV demand data to assess title demand across multiple platforms including streaming, broadcast and cable television, allowing for true cross-platform demand measurement in over 100+ markets worldwide. As always, let us now look at the latest TV demand data for the U.S. domestic market.

In the first full week of March, Netflix‘s The Umbrella Academy shows no signs of slowing down with a 5% rise in demand compared to the previous week, according to our global TV demand data. The alternative superhero series beats DC Universe‘s Doom Patrol by 89% in demand, whose first season is currently airing weekly. Reception to The Umbrella Academy‘s first season has been positive from critics, with many praising its imaginative yarn with furtive emotion and an exceptionally compelling ensemble. We imagine The Umbrella Academy will continue to feature in the U.S. digital originals chart for months to come.

The Handmaid’s Tale from Hulu experienced a sizable growth in demand in contrast to the past week; our cross-platform TV demand data indicates that the totalitarian drama has the highest week-to-week growth compared to all other digital series this week as it heads towards the next installment in the series. The Handmaid’s Tale has reappeared in sixth position, after being absent the prior week (when it was ranked eleventh).

Lastly, the old-fashion sitcom One Day at a Time from Netflix is (reportedly) in danger of cancellation. It has appeared in last place on our digital originals chart after spending the previous two weeks consecutively in the bottom 5.

The overall chart of the most in-demand titles in the United States this week was topped by HBO’s Game of Thrones, as the promotion tour continues at SXSW and elsewhere. At No. 2, the Whisperers are not the only new threat out there in season 9 of The Walking Dead. The March “Chokepoint” episode will introduce another mysterious group, known as the Highwaymen that has kept demand for AMC’s The Walking Dead high.

Elsewhere in the top 5, demand for The CW’s Riverdale jumped 22% after the sad death of the show’s co-star Luke Perry on Monday aged only 52.

The new season of ABC’s American Idol and NBC’s The Voice reappeared in the overall chart as these premiered on March 3rd and February 25th, respectively. American Idol has slightly more demand compared to The Voice; but demand for the former, incidentally the longest-running talent competition show, doubled compared to the prior week.

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