TV Series Measurement for the United States Top 10 (21 – 27 January, 2018)

30 January, 2018

Image: The End of the F…ing WorldNetflix

Parrot Analytics’ global demand measurement system has been built from the ground up to enable global TV series measurement; our methodology provides a measure of popularity for each series, in each country, allowing for a near real-time comparison of content popularity regardless of platform.

This week, demand for the two most recent series – Stranger Things and Black Mirror – decreased compared to last week, with Star Trek: Discovery dominating for the last three consecutive weeks. Also, the start of Grace and Frankie‘s fourth season has resulted in its demand doubling. The comedy series (with a guest appearance from Lisa Kudrow) ranks fourth in the Digital Original Series chart in the United States. Both The Crown and The Grand Tour had steady demand that was enough to make them the fifth and sixth most in-demand series this week, respectively. Both series experienced a less than 10% drop in demand compared to last week. Marvel’s Runaways from Hulu remained in the bottom five, its demand fell by 31% compared to the previous week. Elsewhere in the top ten, Orange is the New Black had a minor increase in demand compared to Dark. Rounding out at tenth place this week is Netflix ‘s The End of the F…ing World, a first-run series that originally aired on Channel 4. The young adult series is adapted from Charles Forsman’s graphic novel about two high-school oddballs who steal a car and “get the hell out of their humdrum hometown”.

While most of the top overall shows are the same as last week, two titles that aired on linear channels generated some heated discussion among TV fans. Based on fans’ adverse reaction to a major character’s death in the past mid-season finale, we have observed AMC’s The Walking Dead is still losing demand week-on-week. On the upside, the zombie drama deviated from the original comic source on the past eight seasons – this perhaps shows that nothing is sacred when it comes to sacrificing source material versus entertainment. The other title that gained significant attention is NBC’s This is Us. The family drama had enough demand to remain ranking seventh in the overall chart.


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