A paradigm shift in audience measurement on a global scale

Capturing behavioral data from 2B+ people globally

Our patented demand measurement platform weighs all data sources by their relative importance in 100+ markets, daily. This results in a sophisticated, holistic view of audience demand for each market.



Our sources mirror a wide diversity of consumer actions that are collected at massive and global scale on a recurring basis, creating robustness and minimizing failure points.



We have created a holistic global measurement standard that integrates signals across consumer research data sources, P2P streaming/downloads and social media.



Our methodology extracts empirical evidence on consumer behavior from consumer actions, avoiding biases that come from panels and surveys.



Our system transforms a diverse set of natural consumer actions into signals that typify intent, reflecting nuances on how consumers react to different content.

The two layers of the demand economy

Content Demand

Demand &

Billions of people interact with content online on billions of screens and devices. The time has come for panel measurement to give way to empirical measurement.
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The measurement paradigm shift

To express how much audiences love their favorite shows, consumers will often start their journey by using search engines such as Google. They may also consult Wikipedia or read up on what critics or fans have to say about a show.


Consumers often begin their interaction with content by looking up a show.

True Detective*

* the fastest growing show in the United States currently.

The measurement paradigm shift

Audience attention is then divided between the many social video platforms, used by fans to watch trailers and previews. These sites and platforms are also used to share, like and discuss fan videos.

Social Video

After researching a show, often times consumers watch a trailer or preview.

True Detective*

* the fastest growing show in the United States currently.

The measurement paradigm shift

Hundreds of millions of fans each year choose to watch content illegally. This is an important layer of the attention economy that demonstrates where fans the world over chose to invest their time.


Many fans consume content via peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming apps.

True Detective*

* the fastest growing show in the United States currently.

The measurement paradigm shift

Finally, demand is expressed in the billions of hours that fans commit to sharing, liking, commenting, tweeting and writing about entertainment content all around the world on social media platforms.

Social Media

Social media allows fans the world over to express their love for their favorite shows, movies and talent.

Just watched Season 1 of True Detective! OMG😻 Amazing! #TrueDetective

True Detective*

* the fastest growing show in the United States currently.

Total market demand revealed

Whatever the consumer journey looks like, consumer demand can now be transformed into weighted activity signals. The more important each individual signal is, the bigger its overall demand contribution.

Content Monetization

Once the market demand for content is quantified it can be monetized via direct-to-consumer business models and ancillary revenue streams.

The DEMAND360 platform is the missing link, using patented technology to extract the signal from the noise on a daily basis, to enable the monetization of content.

Parrot Analytics DEMAND360 logo
DEMAND360 LITE screenshot
The global demand
measurement platform

Every day, the DEMAND360 platform measures global content demand on a per title and per country basis, setting a transparent standard that eases comparability of results across titles and markets.

Monetization is governed by attention economics: Parrot Analytics’ strategic decision-making frameworks supercharge the content development and monetization lifecycle.

Parrot Analytics creates long term value by helping its partners to buy or sell better, to mitigate risks earlier and to make more impactful strategic decisions.

Helping media companies get smarter

We help our clients deliver superior long-term returns by working in close partnership with them. Leveraging global audience demand data, we provide decision support for:

  • IP and content development
  • Content finance
  • Content allocation
  • Content programming
  • Content distribution
  • Audience and brand activation
  • OTT strategy and operations.

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