Measuring global content demand

Harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence and an ocean of global data, Parrot Analytics has developed the world’s first and only cross-platform global demand metric.

We have measured the value consumers place on content and called it the Global Demand Rating.

Our data platform

Turning the global ‘ocean’ of demand data into a single demand rating system begins with a state-of-the-art Data Platform.

Parrot Analytics’ cutting-edge Data Platform is finely-tuned for TV content, from discovering individual titles to extracting micro-genre trends. We have analyzed petabytes of content demand data from consumers in 249 countries since 2012 to build the industry’s leading global demand data platform.

If you are interesting in getting API access to our Demand Rating™ please get in touch and we will assess your needs.

Our artificial intelligence platform

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) research & development at Parrot Analytics takes mainstream deep learning research to a new level. 

From unsupervised learning and neocortex-based inductive biases to network structures and generative models, our bleeding-edge A.I. platform operates at the intersection of data science, consumer behavior and television content.

While still early in our journey, our Data Science team has achieved phenomenal results that will shape the television industry’s next data-driven paradigm, including our very own:

  • Content Genome™
  • Demographic Classification Engine™
  • Demand Weighting System™
  • Demand Monetization Index™
  • Demand Prediction System™
  • Pilot Demand Indicator™

For the first time in the industry, a real-time measure of the overall demand for any title in any market, regardless of the platform it airs on.