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The world’s largest studios, networks and consulting firms harness global TV demand data to maximize return.

“Parrot’s technology delivers the only system that allows us to standardize how we value our content around the world, and it is also the only system able to give us a truly global view of audience demand in every country at any given time.”

- Sean Cohan
President of International and Digital Media, A+E Networks

Maximize content ROI

Monetize shows smarter

Whether distributing shows directly or via a distribution partner, producers use Demand Expressions® to understand the global demand for content and better capture a shows' true value globally.

Assess upcoming projects to de-risk investments

Invest in the next wave

Benchmarking portfolio indexes from genres, micro-genres, moods and themes over time, customers can compare with other indexes in different countries to understand hot markets and trends.

“We are looking to use the data and analysis from Parrot Analytics’ audience demand measurement system to support our sales efforts across the globe [..] we are seeking more information on how demand is changing to inform our strategies in each market.”

- Tim Stephen
Head of U.S. Business and Legal Affairs, Gaumont

Gain the upper hand in negotiations

Looking to prove to a buyer that your content commands a higher price? Negotiating buy and sell deals with an VOD platform that won’t share data across its catalog? Arm sales deals with empirical data to maximize revenue.

Optimize pricing across markets

How much should you request for a first-run title in a particular market? How do you prove the case? Use demand data to show buyers the real-time demand for your content in their market. Identify under-monetized markets for your content and make data-driven marketing, bundling and pricing decisions in every market.

“Data is key and Parrot Analytics provides overnight access to comparable global demand data, which can be especially helpful in the lead up to a premiere. Clearly the measurement industry is fragmented and so being able to have globally consistent data available overnight on how content brands like this are resonating with consumers is incredibly valuable.”

- Christian Brent
SVP Global Research & Audience Strategy, FOX Networks Group

Acquire, retain and grow audiences

Assess how TV titles resonate in your market. Pick up the next winning format and discover hidden gems before your competitors do. Deepen your target audience understanding and how to reach them; programming your content and optimize media strategy accordingly.

Maximize your content spend ROI

Wondering if the bidding process on the latest TV show is driving the price too high? Use empirical audience demand data to structure content bundles, output deals and spot buys to maximize return on investment. Understand how to improve your audience market — identify segments where you can gain share over your competitors with precise programming.

“Lightbox is New Zealand’s fastest-growing on-demand service provider and has succeeded alongside the big international streaming players and national broadcasters with a large contribution from the market intelligence we receive from Parrot Analytics. Armed with their real-time audience demand data, which also gives us insights on pre-release and off-season content popularity, we are able to maximize our content acquisition and marketing budgets and compete for the best international programming available.”

- Hema Patel
General Manager, Lightbox

Accelerate your subscriber growth

Uncover under-monetized content within your catalog in target markets. Find out if OTT content is under-leveraged in its ability to attract new subscribers, and discover what will be best to market to lucrative potential subscribers and attract them to your platform.

Increase engagement and reduce churn

Use the industry’s most context-aware discovery and recommendations engine to increase loyalty and reduce churn, or feed existing recommendation systems with cross-platform demand data to end cold-starts and capitalize on the success of affiliated content on other platforms.

Optimize content budgets and stand out in your market

Use country-specific demand data to assign content acquisition and retention scores before bidding, according to its ability to help acquire or retain subscribers within each target market. Understand the competitive landscape and build a sustained competitive advantage across various content titles and genres.

“We are extremely excited to be working with Parrot Analytics, to help us refine our content strategy. As a company we strive to be as data driven as possible, and Parrot Analytics’ reports will allow us to refine our content selections and monitor our investments on the territory.”

- Chiara Tosato
Commercial Director of Infinity, Mediaset

Stimulate content consumption and reduce churn

Identify specific TV content demand trends to stand out in a fragmented marketplace. Understand how audiences for a new or returning show are reacting each day and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. Evaluate audience behavior; understanding when and how to best reach them.

Measure the campaign returns

Assess the true impact of marketing and promotional campaigns on target audiences. Using Parrot Demand Expressions®  to measure demand for TV content, you can understand which campaigns are most effective on which platforms, all on a title-by-title, market-by-market, basis.

“What these guys do is bigger, better, more scalable than research we could possibly do — by orders of magnitude.”

- David Boyle
Executive Vice President, BBC Worldwide

Deliver the best placed ads

Stop relying on insufficient survey and panel-based measurement to drive ad strategy. Leverage the industry’s only cross-platform, country-specific demand measurement system to assess the best platforms, shows and times to place ads that will capture audiences.

Programmatic TV ads — improved

Looking to build, use or integrate into a programmatic TV ad platform? Use daily release, cross-platform content demand data to improve content valuation, ad targeting and effectiveness.

Optimize your ad spend, TV campaigns and sponsorships

Parrot Analytics Demand Expressions enable granular daily ROI reports on ad spend across platforms. Pick up the right content to sponsor around the world and deliver maximum value to brand partners.

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