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1Parrot Analytics' LATAM Quarterly Report: Q4, 2023

The Parrot Analytics LATAM Quarterly Report offers key insights into the streaming and entertainment landscape across Latin America. It contains detailed market share comparisons among leading streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney+, and others across various metrics.

The report presents audience demand data for popular shows and movies, indicating trends in consumer preferences within the region. Market-specific content trends for 5 main territories - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico -  are also included in the report.

2Rise Studios x Parrot Analytics Whitepaper: Beyond Borders - The Evolution of Non-English Content in MENA

This whitepaper by Rise Studios and Parrot Analytics offers a comprehensive overview of the shifting landscape in global entertainment, with a specific focus on the MENA region's burgeoning demand for Arabic and locally produced programming.

3The Parrot Analytics MIP Cancun 2023 whitepaper: Crossing Borders - Top content trends across Latin America and Spain

This in depth report takes a comprehensive look at OTT market share trends in the LATAM region and Spain for the first half of 2023.

4The Parrot Analytics Talent Demand Whitepaper - FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Demand Trends

This exclusive talent demand white paper reveals how the 2022 World Cup affected demand for talent, brands and content using Talent Demand, the patented technology invented by Parrot Analytics.

5The Global Television Demand Report: Full Year 2022

This in depth report takes a comprehensive look at OTT market share trends around the world in 2022.

6Whitepaper: How Content Valuation will redefine the industry

This exclusive content valuation whitepaper unpacks the monetary value of content, talent and IP in today's fragmented, multiplatform world. In this whitepaper we showcase how demand for a title translates to monetization for content suppliers and buyers using Content Valuation, the patented technology invented by Parrot Analytics.

7The Parrot Analytics Movie Demand Whitepaper- The Future of Theatricality: How Movie Demand Can Drive Better Strategic Decisions

This exclusive movie demand white paper unpacks the future of theatricality and reveals how movie demand data will result in better strategic decision making for the industry.

8Is binge watching over? Understanding consumer demand for series release strategies

In this presentation, Global Director of Partner Insights, Renee Engelhardt explains Parrot Analytics' research on OTT streaming release strategies and their impact, at the OTT.X Fall Summit 2021.

9The Parrot Analytics Talent Demand Whitepaper: Hallyu and Beyond

This whitepaper contains in-depth analyses of rising demand for talent originating from Japan and South Korea using global audience demand measurement, the patented technology invented by Parrot Analytics.

10Anime – The Inexorable Rise of the Genre

At the recent Cartoon Next 2022, Parrot Analytics’ Director of Insights (EMEA) Amit Devani presented recent data and findings on the inexonerable rise in demand for anime content. The presentation covers what is next for the genre, as well as provides insights into how producers can service this increasing demand.

11Battle Studies: News from the frontlines of the streaming wars in Europe

The entertainment landscape in Europe has never been as competitive as it is today. With a rigorous study of content supply and audience demand, MIPCOM and Parrot Analytics offer you an exclusive report that brings transparency to how audiences preferences are shifting as content offerings and new players fight for attention. Download the report and walk away with a new understanding of how to succeed and stand out as a producer, buyer, or seller of content in 2021.

12CAA/Parrot Analytics Diversity Study: Diversity wins onscreen.

CAA and Parrot Analytics have published a landmark study showing that diversity in television is good business: Demand for television shows with more diverse talent has doubled in the last three years, and for the first time ever, there are more diverse new series than non-diverse debuts.

13Parrot Analytics at OTT.X Industry Strategic Review and Analysis Summit, December 2023

At OTT.X's Industry Strategic Review and Analysis Summit in December 2023, Parrot Analytics’ VP of Partnerships Insights Renee Engelhardt presented a report titled “What Content Works Best for Platforms & Business Models”. The report provides insightful data and analysis on content strategy for platforms, particularly focusing on the entertainment industry, with an emphasis on movies and series for SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) and FAST (Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV) platforms.

14Parrot Analytics at NATPE 2024: Latest trends in the U.S streaming landscape

At NATPE Global’s event in January 2024, Parrot Analytics’ VP of Partnerships Jaime Otero presented a report titled “Latest trends in the U.S streaming landscape”. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the current state and dynamics within the streaming industry, focusing on SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) and other digital platforms.

15Parrot Analytics at CartoonNext 2024: Future Horizons - Gazing into animation's crystal ball

At CartoonNext 2024, Parrot Analytics' Director for the EMEA region, Alex Cameron presented a report that delves into the dynamic interplay between content creation and consumption in the animation industry. Titled "Future Horizons - Gazing into Animation's Crystal Ball", the report highlights how digital transformation and shifting viewer habits are reshaping market demands. It underscores the critical role of sophisticated demand metrics that account for the complexities of today's entertainment landscape, where traditional metrics fall short.

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